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Synthesis, meditative book of poetry and prose
Synthesis is a meditative reading experience that utilizes the power of poetry and prose to assist readers in gaining deeper levels of relaxation, contemplation, and imagination. This book began as a simple brochure for Synthesis: The Theatrical Experience, but the work has taken on a spirit of its own. Synthesis explores the human connection through personal transformation and the creative magic of nature. In a world of political, economic, and overall social instability, how can we come into greater union with ourselves, with God, with one another? Through the use of good speech and mandala visual technology, Synthesis inspires readers to delve into the true potential that this existence has to offer.

Ananda Lotus Book

Synthesis, the theatrical experience
SYNTHESIS: an immersive improv dramady about a new age neighborhood that combines elements of theatre, poetry, movement, sound and meditation.


Atlanta’s largest tribute to the Reggae legend, Bob Marley! Experience music, visual arts, herbal healing and group economics.


Artistically Me
Art Education Summer Program (Dance, Theatre, Art) – Executive Producer/Lead Instructor


No Flight Necessary 
A International Interactive Experience hosted by Can’t Stay Put


Mt. Zion Youth Arts and Culture Camp
A summer rites of passage Arts & Culture program in Atlanta, GA and Ocho Rios, Jamaica