“We have advanced technologically”


“We have advanced technologically, but have we advanced as humans?” – Na’im Akbar

Struggle and Sacrifice are necessary components of Success, and so are Spirit and Satisfaction.



Which is better: work with God or Godless work?

Either way work will be there, but we decide how it will be done.

When we force, we exert our energy.

When we allow, we simply become a vessel to receive and give blessings.

In this life, we must do both.

We cannot escape work, we can simply decide how it will be done.

Struggle matters and so does Satisfaction.

Can we maneuver this spectrum, the great balancing act of life?

Even love, the greatest pleasure, takes great effort or it will turn into great pain.

There is always sacrifice, spiritual practice is a sacrifice in itself.

Yes, Meditation creates Peace; Prayer generates Miracles; Love evolves us; Nature reflects our true identity

These concepts sound beautiful, but true connection to God and self-realization take time.

And in this society, we have been taught that time is money.

But which is better: work with God or Godless work?

There will be work either way.

Where there is a desire to actualize, work is required.

So, let us create wisely!

Create sacrifice that satisfies, so you can truly taste the sweetness of existence.

Is this not fertile ground from which our rich garden can grow?

Will our work not be more potent when we come from a place of bliss?

It may not happen overnight.

But the magic of this life is that all things are possible.

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